Countries That Do not Allow Access To Porn Sites

Countries That Do not Allow Access To Porn Sites

Viewing porn online is something millions of people all over the world enjoy doing each day. Checking out porn pics, animated sex GIFS and adult videos is easier than ever these days. You have endless of pornography sites offering visitors all kinds of free sex pictures and adult material. While countries like the USA have no kind of censorship of what you can see and do online, many others do. That means that there are numerous countries around the world which do not allow access to porn sites. Or any websites which show adult related material. Worse more, they do not allow many of the basic freedoms of using the web freely.


For those that love pornography, this can be devastating and something very hard to live with. If you are one of those people who enjoys viewing porn all day, be sure to read this. Make sure you know about these countries that don’t let you watch porn on the internet. That way, if you ever visit them, you will know the laws and be ready.

The data is gathered based on the CPJ which is the Committee to Protect Journalist. They are registered in various countries around the world such as the Middle East and Asia. Each particular government submits its own censorship standards. Besides not allowing people to view porn pics, sex GIFS and adult videos, some countries go even further. In regimes which are totalitarian and dictatorships, they can put you in jail or make you pay fines. This is not only for viewing porn material, but also if you upload any adult media or political agenda. In the event that you ever consider blogging in one of these countries, keep this mind. Otherwise, you may end up breaking the law, be jailed and fined.


Vietnam –

In Vietnam, the government is busy trying to find out what bloggers in their countries are doing when it comes to porn and other things. The country asked Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to send them info about anyone who uses their blogging platforms. Vietnam has a special agency which sole purpose is to watch the content posted online.

Iran –

Not only is pornography restricted in Iran, so is most free speech. The government will not tolerate any bloggers who post any content criticizing them or political figures. Besides adult sites being banned in Iran, they also censor women’s rights pages, political blogs and even online magazines.

China –

Hard to imagine that the country with the largest human population does not allow porn viewing. But China has one of the most stringent censorship programs of any country in the world. Searches are filtered and censored so most sites are blocked. In addition to blocking its citizens from viewing porn pics, sex GIFs and porn videos, they also censor many other content. Blogging sites, religious factions, police brutality pages or anything along those lines is a no-no in China.


Cuba –

Cubans have it really rough when it comes to not only internet access, but computers in general. The country presently has the lowest ratio between inhabitants and computers anywhere in the world. Moreover, Cuba’s internet access is among the lowest in the entire Western hemisphere. The only way people can use the internet is through access points created by the government. Any activity done by citizens on the web is monitored and controlled by the country’s IP Blocking. They also filter keywords and check the browsing history. For anyone who loves porn material – or internet freedom – Cuba is a nightmare.

Syria –

If you post any kind of feelings which are anti-government in Syria, they can get you arrested quickly. The country has zero tolerance for adult related content or most basic internet freedoms. Those that own internet shops have to ask their patrons for identification. Each person who uses the computers must sign their names and register.

North Korea –

In North Korea, only about 4% of the entire population has access to the internet. But even for those that do have internet access, their access is monitored and censored heavily. The national government controls all the websites. Plus, they also control any and all media in the country. There is no blogging of any kind allowed in North Korea and viewing any type of sex pictures is but a dream for most citizens.


Saudi Arabia –

Not only does Saudi Arabia block any sites with porn pictures, videos and sex gif images, they sensor the web on other issues. Things such as religious or social topics are banned. The same for anything that has to do with politics, drug use and gambling. According to statistics from OpenNet Initiate, Saudi Arabia is one of the most aggressive regimes when it comes to internet censorship.

Tunisia –

Bloggers or people who use the internet in the country of Tunisia must submit to rigorous privacy affronts. The government demands that all internet service providers report to them all the basic info of web users on a regular basis. Not only do they block access to porn sites, they also monitor emails. The country presently has thousands of sites which are blocked, not just adult related pages.

Reading about all of these countries with such strict access to the internet serves various purposes. For those that love freedom, it reminds them of how lucky they are to live in a country where a person’s rights are respected. The same for those who love pornography and viewing adult content. No porn lover ever wants to go without being able to enjoy a good deal of porn whenever he or she wants to.