7 tips for successfully dating a divorced man

Dating itself is complicated. It becomes more difficult if you are dating a divorced man who got an ex-wife and small kids.

So, how will you take the plunge with a divorced man without hurting too much? Read these seven tips on how you can date them successfully:

  1. Know the status of his divorce.

As a rule of thumb, do not enter a serious relationship without knowing first the status of his divorce. Is it still in the process? Or is it already finalized? It will help you determine your status as well in his life.

  1. Do not compare yourself to his former wife.

There’s no use comparing yourself with his ex-wife. It won’t do any good to you but give unnecessary insecurities and doubts. Always remember that each one of us is unique. You won’t be able to move forward with your new date if you keep on thinking about your ex. That could bring worries, too.

  1. Open a relevant conversation.

If you are on your first date, awkwardness may strike but you can still pull it off by means of opening a conversation. However, make sure that you try to discuss things that really matter. Say for example, you might want to ask her about her favourite places to go.

Use compliments properly.  She gave her best efforts for your date so offer her flattering remarks. However, that doesn’t mean that you use never-ending praises because that can be too overwhelming.  Saying “you’re beautiful will do”.

  1. Say goodnight.

It is never a good idea to end the beautiful evening with just a fizzle. As such, you have to be intentional when it comes to saying goodbye. Also, you can initiate a hug, kiss or a handshake. Make sure not to leave her feeling awkward after the date.

  1. Be yourself.

If you really want to find a long lasting relationship, it is imperative to be yourself, but always your better self. Express yourself passionately, don’t lie about what you like, talk about the things you really care about, your interest and your character. Lying will never do you good. No one wants to be tricked. Show what you’ve got, oh, yes better stay away from Photoshop. Remember that no relationship last that has lived with lies.

  1. Know both your limits.

Keeping a mutual boundary is a sign of maturity. You and your date should be responsible enough to set limits and boundaries.

  1. Pray.

This is your most powerful tool. If you seek spiritual guidance, it will lead you to the right person and decision. It’s also important to know your restrictions. If you have been obsessed or you become troubled with it, it would be much better to stop and evaluate.

Final thoughts

Assess your personal motives. Why do you want to date a divorced man? Is it just to meet your selfish need, for gratification of your own ego, or a real and genuine affection? Compared to other relationship, dating a divorced is quite challenging but by following these tips and keeping an open mind and open heart, you will have a successful relationship with such a person.

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