Popular Sex Toys For Women


Sex toys are safe to use, although there are certain limitations. It is very important to be responsible and cautious when using any type of sex toys. Further, it is also essential to keep it clean and free from bacteria to prevent infections and other diseases.

Sex toys started from our forefathers; Ancient Greeks, Indians, Chinas ancient dynasties, etc. They’ve invented the dildos out of woods, crystals, ivory, gold and silvers. It has been a part of our history and generation by generation, different types of sex toys were made.

One of the most popular sex toys is a vibrator. It is highly preferred by women as it makes the orgasm so much easier to reach while achieving the ultimate sexual pleasure. Let’s find out the different varieties of vibrators;

  • Bullet – This is one of the most popular types of vibrator. It comes as a small capsule shape sized 2-4 inches with a wire at the back portion attached to a controller with a battery. Some women used it to stimulate their clitoris and some as internal stimulation. It would be better to put it inside a condom before inserting it inside the vagina, to make it easier to pull out after using. If you are not comfortable with a condom, just pull the wire slowly. The vagina might be in tension and pulls off the wire from the bullet.
  • Pocket Rocket – This one is a small size and portable type of discreet vibrator. It is designed for clitoral stimulation and would also be good at the lower part of vagina where the two lips meet together.
  • Ring – A vibrating ring that is being put in the penis near the testicles. This will help stimulate her clitoris while the penis penetrates the vagina.
  • Rabbit – A dual action sex vibrator. The body has a vibrating and rotating movement with a clitoral stimulator at the bottom part. The clitoral stimulator looks like the rabbit ears. While the body of the toy is inside the vagina and rapidly stimulating it all around, the clitoral stimulator is placed near the clitoris to give a dual sensation.
  • Smoothie – A smooth 6-7 inches that offers and transmit a serious sensual massage inside your vagina. Can also be used as clitoral stimulator because of its pinpoint external tip.
  • G-spot vibrator – 7-8 inches phallus shaped vibrator designed to stimulate the vaginas g-spot with 2-3 inches at the upfront of the vagina wall. It can also be used by male as anal vibrator to stimulate the prostate.
  • Magic wand – Microphone shaped with a vibrating head, originally manufactured for muscular massage to relieve tension and relax sore muscle. There was a sex educator who popularized the wand as sex vibrator or masturbation equipment due to its round head that functions effectively as clitoral stimulator leading to extreme orgasms.
  • Sybian – This is another one of the most powerful sex toys in the world. This vibrator comes with a saddle like seat with a vibrating and rotating rod at the center that can be attached with different types of rubber dildos with a pad at the bottom to give clitoral stimulation while the vagina is being penetrated by a dildo.

Some women were having difficulty in achieving orgasm and because they are shy to tell their partner, they are sometimes faking their orgasm. Because of that, they feel frustrated. In a nutshell, using sex toys such as vibrator could benefit both men and women not only for sexual pleasure but also for health and the intimacy in a relationship.

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